I think that human life–even in our far-from-perfect world–is meant to be a joyful and adventurous undertaking. I am intrigued by the idea of human potential, and what we would be like if we came closer to being what we can and should be. I feel that as a twenty-first century American woman I have more opportunities to achieve my potential than at pretty much any other time or place in history. And I want to take advantage of them and bring my friends with me. 

Enjoying Womanhood is intended to share that adventurous spirit and joyful attitude. Life is meant to be happy, human, and well-lived, and often it’s a surprisingly small step from where we are to a much happier place. I want to share the little bits of encouragement and –hopefully– wisdom I’ve picked up along my way with others so that we can all enjoy womanhood together. 

Marie Keiser lives in Minnesota with her husband and children, and in her spare time–not that there’s much of it–dabbles in fashion design, writing novels, and thinking about stuff.