Welcome to Enjoying Womanhood, a site dedicated to helping women live the full human life in the twenty-first century.

Growing up, I had the good fortune of receiving an excellent education from caring individuals, both men and women, living and dead, who taught me what it was to be human. The philosophy, history, literature, and lessons of everyday life to which I was exposed all combined to show me a vision of humanity which was rich, inspiring and fulfilling.

Throughout history various groups have been deprived of an education for various reasons, whether societal, economic, or racial. For centuries, women were treated as unintelligent beings that existed solely to serve men, and were not offered the opportunity to receive an intellectual education or participate in the public life of their society.

Nowadays, however, we have more equality: neither men nor women are often given the opportunity for a genuinely intellectual education. Education as a whole has been transformed from a process of formation directed towards making the person more self-aware and free into a process of making the person ready for a job, preferably a high-paying one. Instead of learning how to live, we learn how to get jobs.

With schools having been converted into job-preparation, where does one look for advice on how to live? There are thousands of magazines and blogs and books written about it. Unfortunately, most women’s magazines focus on only a few things: celebrity gossip, how to lose weight, have more sex, or have a home or food that looks better than your neighbor’s.

Enjoying Womanhood is a humble effort to present a different worldview, one which will bring true joy and fulfillment to women.


Marie Keiser lives in Minnesota with her husband and children. She is interested in philosophy, history, teaching, raising children, sewing, cooking, ways to make housework more efficient, and just being human.