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Starting a Clothing Line


Before I became pregnant with my first child, I had a professional wardrobe I was very happy with, and once I was pregnant, I had this strange idea that I would somehow be able to mostly wear the same clothes I had worn before, just a little differently. As you can guess, that didn’t work. It turns out there is a reason they make maternity clothes. I had to be just like everyone else and get new clothes to fit my new body shape. 

But all the options were terrible. The tops were ugly and unflattering. The skirts had these huge pieces of knit sticking off the top, reaching to strangle me. Everything was boxy and unattractive. The only other option was knit skirts, but I’ve never been able to wear those. What I wanted were skirts that felt and looked like the ones I was already wearing, but that didn’t push on my tummy in painful ways. (My first baby had the habit of kicking anything that put pressure on my tummy, and so this was quite important.)

Since the stores didn’t have what I wanted, I made my own. A little trial and error, and I had some cute and comfy skirts that I could wear in the classroom, at home, or even to church. 

I’ve been wearing that design for the last four years now–even when I’m not pregnant!–because they look just like regular skirts, except that they are more comfortable. 

I still haven’t found anything quite like them in stores, and I finally decided that I should share. For the last few months I have been working on finding a manufacturer to produce them for me, and I hope to be selling them here soon.

Once we have the skirts in production, I want to branch out into other pieces as well. Eventually I hope to have a full line of clothing basics that should take ladies through every stage of maternity and nursing, feeling and looking great.

This is pretty exciting for me, and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the products. 

Because we’ll be adding a store to the site, we decided to update Enjoying Womanhood’s appearance at the same time. So if the site doesn’t look the way you remember, that’s why. We do hope to continue posting about life and ideas and stuff too. So if you subscribe, or are already subscribed to our email list, we’ll continue sending you ideas every so often. I promise we won’t just talk about clothes.


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